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If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the conference, paper submission, and general request, please feel free to contact IVCBRC 2022 conference secretary.


Conference Secretary IVCBRC 2022 

Prof. Dr. Rabah Najah Jabbar (Head)

Dr. Huda Salman Nasif (Member)

Dr. Ghydaa Hussein Abdulraheem (Member)

Lecturer Duha Mysire Majeed (Member)

Mr. Mohammed. M. Hussien (Member)

Mrs. Esraa Hasson (Member)        

Mr. Khalil K. Ajeel (Member)

Mr. Mahmood Thamer Amer Hasson (Member)


Email Address:

Biotechnology Research center | Al-Nahrain University

Baghdad, Iraq


General Information

Contact Nos: 


1)  00964-7707766148

2)  00964-7904618550

3)  00964-7709479858



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