The scientific committee of IVCBRC-2020 conference invites you to submit your abstracts before 01/08/2020, and for those who are willing to publish full article, they are invited to submit unpublished scientific papers and review articles focusing on the conference tracks (Medical & Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology) before 01/08/2020.



Standard level of Abstract to be submitted should:

  • have no more than 300 words and title should be descriptive and declarative
  • contain introduction, Aim, Material and methods, Results and conclusion
  • show your readers that you’re aware of current and past research in your topic and demonstrate that your research will make a significant and substantial contribution to it.
  • Contain "Statement of Problem" before moving into a paragraph detailing the problem.
  • seek to answer the question: why does this research need to be conducted and what new issues does this research raise?
  • State in the conclusion the Rational of the study "Significance of Research in conclusion."

To submit your abstract (.doc), please fill the Electronic Submission form.


Full paper Guidelines

  1. Formatting (DOC)
      • Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references.
      • Full text papers (.doc) will be accepted by Electronic Submission form.
      • All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical.
      • Articles submitted to the Conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.



  1. Paper page limit:
    Each paper must be no more than 12 pages (including the abstract, figures, tables, and references). 


  1. Submission method:
    Please submit your paper; (.doc) to the Electronic Submission form.


Full paper publication policy

The conference invites participation to submit unpublished scientific papers and review articles focusing on the conference tracks (Medical & Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology). Full Research articles will be subjected to blind peer reviewing by the scientific committee of the conference.

For participants in Iraq, accepted articles will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin program approved at the University of Al-Nahrain, with a fee of $15 (including more than one check for each article) and the payment could be made via Zain Cash for the number 00964-7904891554 or to the accounts division of the Biotechnology Research Center (قسم الحسابات في مركز بحوث التقنيات الاحيائية/جامعة النهرين/مجمع الجادرية).

After articles being accepted for the conference, the researchers will be informed and they have to choose one of the journals below:

IMPORTANT: The first 3 journals are scopus-indexed journals.


The conference secretariat will then notify the journals above (selected by corresponding author or conference) with the details of articles participated in our conference.

The conference secretariat will also notify corresponding author to submit the article directly to the selected journal. In addition, its author(s) duty to complete /follow up the publication process with the journal selected.




  • Corresponding author need to provide conference secretariat with a valid email and a mobile number linked to one of the communication apps (Viber or WhatsApp).
  • Articles will be peer reviewed by the journals and they have the right in accepting or rejecting articles according to their policy
  • After article acceptance, authors have to pay publication fees (discounted fees mentioned above) directly to the journal.



The publication policy in our conference is summarized as in the following diagram: