Scope and Interests

IVCBRC-2020 focuses on new and original research in all fields of biotechnology and its allied areas including medical, plant and environmental. Topics include, but are not limited to:


Medical and Molecular

Environmental Plant
Genetic diseases Air and water pollution Plant breeding and producing genetically modified plants
Immunogenetics/ Immunology Water treatment technology Plant cell/ tissue culture
Bioinformatics Pollutants effects Pharmaceutical/Pharmacognosy research
Genetic Engineering Microbiology Biological treatment of desertification
Physiology/Reproductive technologies Environmental effects on human/animal health Biofuels
Cancer biology/therapeutics Biochemicals Plant genetic engineering
Stem cells Waste Treatment and Utilisation Plant Viruses 
Cell biology/Cell and tissue culture Enzymes and biocatalysts Bio-fertilizers
Viral diseases (Reduced fees for COVID-19 related articles)   Phytochestry